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    I educate business owners in what it takes, and to be confident, in running a successful business and to avoid the pitfalls of going it alone

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    “As a business coach, I believe in the power of innovation and resilience. When you dare to challenge the status quo and embrace change, the possibilities for success are endless.”

    — David Lockwood, Business Coach

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    Unlock your business' full potential with personalised insights from an experienced business coach. Overcome challenges and seize opportunities for growth.

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    Developing leaders at all levels in your business is a commitment to growth. Through self awareness and team dynamics, learn how to leverage your people assets.

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    Refine your leadership skills with tailored executive coaching. Develop strategic thinking, effective communication, and decision-making abilities.

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    “David is…refreshingly honest…a strategic thinker…very valuable counsel to me”

    “I am more aspirational now towards my business now that I have David’s guidance”

    “Over a 6 year journey with David the improvement in our leadership team has been amazing”

    “We are growing and evolving as a company with David’s support”

    Results driven business coaching for business owners & entrepreneurs

    Aspirational Business Owner Wanting to Rapidly Accelerate Sales

    One of my business coaching success stories. Growing a business revenues by $5.3 million in 3 years though strategic  planning, understanding inherent value to customers and having clear organizational values and KPI’s.


    Growth in Sales Within 3 Years


    Net Profit Growth

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    Whether you're looking for your first or next phase of growth, or understanding your competition and how to best position for growth, it isn't as scary as you think

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    Time can create significant conflict or overwhelm for business owners - from investing in more and more hours in the business, trying to get ahead and the sacrifices you need to make in your personal lives. The good news is - it doesn't have to always be this way

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    Sick of losing good people or have teams who don't deliver work or service customers just the way you do? There are ways around this so people become your biggest asset instead of the headaches that come with being a business owner trying to do the right thing for staff members.

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    A business owner who is responsible for everything and everyone can be a lonely job - an experienced yet external perspective can be a valuable addition to any business owner's journey

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